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    Phenotypic and Genotypic Ratios in Fruit Offspring

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    In tomatoes, red fruit (R) is dominant to yellow fruit (r). A homozygous red-fruited plant is bred to a yellow-fruited plant.

    a) What phenotypic ratio would you expect to see in the offspring (F1) of this cross?

    b) If two of these offspring were bred, what phenotypic ratio would you expect to see in their offspring (F2)?

    c) What genotypic ratio would you see in the F2 offspring?

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    Let's look at the original two plants first. We know R is dominant to r, which means that a yellow plant must be rr, because Rr would be red.
    So we have a homozygous red (RR) and a yellow (rr) being crossed.

    F1, ...

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    The expert examines phenotypic and genotypic ratios in fruit offsprings.