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    Inheritance pattern problems

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    Given the inheritance pattern of the coat color in rats described in the previous problem, predict the genotype and phenotype of the parents that produced the following F1 offspring: (a) 9/16 gray:3/16 yellow:3/16 black:1/16 cream; (b) 9/16 gray:3/16 yellow:4/16 albino; (c) 27/64 gray:16/64 albino:9/64 yellow:9/64 black:3/64 cream

    Previous problem information:
    The following genotypes of two independently assorting autosomal genes determine coat color in rats: A-B- (gray); A-bb (yellow); aaB- (black); aabb (cream)

    A third gene pair on a separate autosome determines whether any color will be produced. The CC and Cc genotypes allow color according to the expression of the A and B alleles. However, the cc genotype results in albino rats regardless of the A and B alleles present.

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    (a) 9/16 gray:3/16 yellow:3/16 black:1/16 cream

    Parental genotype - AaBb X AaBb
    Parental ...

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