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    Bacterial mRNA

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    This sequence of bases is found in a section of bacterial mRNA.The codon shown on the left hand end of the sequence is the start codon for this gene.
    from your knowledge of base-pairing rules deduce the sequence of bases in the DNA template strand from which this mRNA was transcribed.

    Determine the sequence of amino acids coded for by this mRNA

    I have done this question I am hoping my answer will match yours. Many thanks

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    <br>As you are aware, bacterial messenger RNA is not spliced, thus the mRNA will begin with a methionine codon (AUG, which you have identifed at the left or 5-prime end of the sequence) and the mRNA will represent exactly the sequence of the plus strand of the bacterial gene (with the U- uracil in RNA replaced by T- thymine in the DNA). The classic base pairing rules are simple- guanine pairs with cytosine (G:C), and uracil/thymine pairs with adenine (U/T:A). Using these rules, the first part of your question is easily answered:
    <br> ...