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DNA Synthesis and RNA Transcription

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1. Compare and contrast DNA synthesis in prokaryotes and eukaryotes.
2. What are the three main types of RNA, and what are their roles?
3. Using the following DNA template strand sequence, answer the questions below:
a. What is the mRNA sequence?
b. List the anticodons for each tRNA involved in translation of the sequence.
c. What is the final sequence of amino acids in the peptide produced?

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Biology Questions

1. Compare and contrast DNA synthesis in prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

DNA replication in prokaryotes

DNA replication occurs inside cytoplasm, and there is only one origin of replication per DNA molecule. Origin of replication is formed of about 100-200 or more nucleotides. Replication of DNA occurs at one point in each prokaryotic DNA molecule. There is only two replication forks that is formed in each replicating prokaryotic chromosome, as DNA replication is bidirectional. Prokaryotic or bacterial has one replicon. One replication bubble is formed during DNA replication. Initiation of DNA replication in prokaryotes is carried out by protein DnaA and DnaB. DNA ...

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