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Replication and Transcription

The following table contains a list of statements that apply to replication, transcription, both, or neither. In each empty box, put a check mark (√) if that
Statement applies to replication or transcription.
Replication Transcription
1.The new strand is made 5' to 3'.
2.The new strand is made 3' to 5'.
3.The new strand is identical to the template strand,
with the exception of U's replacing T's.
4.The new strand is complementary to the template
5.The template strand is RNA.
6.The product is DNA.
7.The product is RNA.
8.An RNA primer is required to initiate synthesis.
9.Synthesis of the new strand is initiated at a
10.The process is done only during the S-phase of the
cell cycle.
11.The process is done during each phase of the cell

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The following table contains a list of statements that may apply to mRNA, tRNA,
snRNA, or rRNA. For each class of RNA molecule, put a check mark (√) if the
statement applies to that type of RNA.
1.Contains a 5'UTR ...

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The replications and transcriptions are examined for DNA. The process done during the S-phase of each cell cycle is determined.