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    The Geomorphology of Pascagoula, Mississippi

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    Apply what you have learned so far to discuss the geologic history of the area where you live or grew up. Discuss some of the major factors that might have played a role in shaping the local terrain (major rivers, sea-level changes, volcanoes, ancient sea beds, glaciers, earthquakes, etc.

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    Geomorphology: Coastal Counties

    I was raised in a coastal county in Mississippi. Pascagoula, Mississippi is part of Jackson County. Near Biloxi, the county is considered suburban as many who work in the city and near urban areas commute from Pascagoula. Even if its in the outskirts of Biloxi, it is industrialized as it is the location of many factories, warehouses, logistic centers and manufacturing companies. However its largest industry is shipbuilding as Ingalls Shipbuilding, the state's largest has it's HQ in ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) on the topic of writing about the shaping of the local terrain. Pascagoula in Jackson County is used as an example. An outline is provided as well as resources.