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    Mrs. Jones case of sexual discrimination against the bank

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    Cite any information (APA format, please) that the HR Professional, might use to construct responses. Thoroughly discuss the positions.

    [Start of Case]

    Dear Cousin,
    I know that I haven't been in touch for a while but I need a favor. Hope you don't mind.
    You know that I work for a bank. Well, we're having a problem and I'll try to describe it as best I can. In one of our branches, we had the wife of a naval officer - his name is J.P. Jones and he was based out of Salt Lick, here in New Jersey. His wife's name is June; she was a head teller at this branch and evidently had the ear of many who worked there.
    June had a problem with her branch manager - she believed that the manager favored the men in the branch (please note this manager is female). Now June didn't like her manager very much (she didn't like many people very much - including me, I was her boss for the first couple of years she was here and I always had problems with her mouth...that's another story).
    Anyway, June gave her notice because her husband was being transferred to Pascagoula, Mississippi, but on her way out she made remarks to others in the branch that she was going to sue the bank for allowing this "sexual bias" to happen - she even pointed it out to our HR person. The threats have been idle but are still running rampant.
    Now Mrs. Jones and her husband have moved to Mississippi and she proceeded to claim unemployment by falsifying her claim and saying that she was "forced out" of her position by being treated badly by her manager. We have all the evidence (her letter of resignation stating his transfer and the testimony of several of her co-workers) that we need to resolve this and have tried to conference with the Unemployment Office in Mississippi and Mrs. Jones but she seems to never be available at the designated time for the calls to happen - wasting everyone's time. The state of Mississippi wants their money returned but she refuses to conference herself in so the matter can be resolved.
    It's been my experience, working so close to Ft. Monmouth, Earl Air Force Base, Ft. Dix and various others that the wives of military men have to be as much of an example as their military partners and must obey all the laws just as their partners do. Mrs. Jones needs to return the state funds and I'd like to see it happen and for her to finally get off the back of those she worked with here.
    Now the favor: Do you know anyone to whom I could speak to at the naval base in Pascagoula that could help resolve this matter? Mr. Jones must have an officer over him, but I haven't any idea how to find out who it might be. I know that this request seems very strange, but it has to be resolved soon.
    Mrs. Jones should never have even attempted to claim unemployment and should definitely return what she took. I know that the military often gets involved when they find that the spouse of a military person is doing the wrong thing or breaking laws - what she has done is commit a felony by taking these funds and falsifying records. Can you help us? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
    Now, without proofing all of this, I'm hoping that it makes enough sense for you to understand and to realize that I wouldn't dare ask you a favor like this if we weren't important and I weren't so put out by all that has been done by Mrs. Jones. She has ruined morale in many areas of the bank and continues to do so by making these false accusations. It needs to be squashed and if having her husband lectured by a superior officer is the only way to achieve this, then so be it. I've told the HR Director my concerns and he and I are scheduled to meet with the President tomorrow.
    Your cousin,
    [End of Case]

    Questions to guide your response are below. Take the approach of the HR Director for the bank responding to the President of the bank who is concerned of the ramifications. You don't need to answer these questions specifically, and you don't really have to address all of them - they can be folded into your discussion. You may draw upon any references as well as any chapters of our text. Two or three extra references are expected. Cite any references in APA format.

    1. What type of case do you believe June Jones should try to bring forward, sexual harassment, gender bias, or other? What laws may apply to this situation?
    2. Should the bank approach J.P. Jones' new command in an attempt to rein in Mrs. Jones? Why or why not?
    3. What jurisdictions may exist to handle Mrs. Jones' threatened suit? What are some of the actions the bank needs to take to increase the probability of a ruling in their favor in the event that Mrs. Jones' suit goes to adjudication?
    4. What interview questions could have been asked at Mrs. Jones' initial job interview to determine if she had the tendency to create turmoil?
    5. What might be the HR role in the bank to improve the post-Mrs.Jones attititude? How might HR get the word out about the progress of this matter?
    6. If you were Mrs. Jones' former supervisor and you received a job reference request regarding her from another bank in Mississippi, what kind of responses might you make? What are the potential problems with the response you would want to make? How would you expect an HR professional to respond?
    7. Briefly discuss the challenges faced an HR department in checking out the references provided by an applicant. Do you expect to glean much valuable information in these checks of previous employers and personal references? How should you interpret the results?
    8. Do you think there is a chance Mrs. Jones may prevail in her case to sue for bias? What steps should be taken to enhance the likelihood of keeping your firm clear of liability? What might you advise me to tell my cousin?
    9. Do you have any other observations regarding this matter? What other information do you think you might be available to support HR action (i.e., what might not be apparent from the brief description of this case?)?

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    1. What type of case do you believe June Jones should try to bring forward, sexual harassment, gender bias, or other? What laws may apply to this situation?

    The point that June Jones is making is that the manager "favored men" in the bank. This means it is a charge of sexual discrimination. Mrs. June is implying that the bank manager was not fair in her dealings with men and women. The relevant law is the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Under this the victim has to establish that she has been discriminated against because she is a woman. Title VII of the act prohibits discrimination of women on the basis of their sex. The problem of this charge is that the manager herself was a woman and if she had been promoted to the post of the manager the chances are that the bank did not practice discrimination (Gregory. R 2003).

    What June needs to establish is that she had been discriminated against because of her gender. If June wants to state that she was dismissed from the bank because she was a woman, she would find it difficult to establish that in court. The reason for this is that her resignation latter gives her husband's transfer as a cause. Several witnesses in the bank will also give testimony that June left the bank because of her husband's transfer. Finally, the fact that her husband was transferred would go against June's claim.

    2. Should the bank approach J.P. Jones' new command in an attempt to rein in Mrs. Jones? Why or why not?

    The bank should not approach JP Jones' new command to reign in Mrs. Jones. The reason for this is that Mrs. Jones is no longer in employment with the bank and she has not yet sued the bank for sexual discrimination. The current problem is between June and the Unemployment Office in Mississippi. The bank is not involved with June.

    3. What jurisdictions may exist to handle Mrs. Jones threatened suit? What are some of the actions the bank needs to take to increase the probability of a ruling in their favor in the event that Mrs. Jones suit goes to adjudication?

    The jurisdiction to handle Mrs. Jones' case is the Federal court. The reason why the federal court is the appropriate forum is that June has moved to a different ...

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