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    U.S. Supreme Court and Affirmative Action Plans

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    As you know, the OFCCP is the agency responsible for enforcing the executive orders that cover companies doing business with the federal government.

    Besides their EEO requirements, these businesses must have a written affirmative action plan on file and have goal achievement obligations.

    --Discuss two major U.S. Supreme Court cases in two pages related to affirmative action plans. In your discussion be sure to cover how these decisions relate to HRM policies and procedures.

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    In the US, affirmative action is used to refer to an equal employment opportunity measure that federal contractors and subcontractors are required to adopt legally. The measures are intended to prevent against employee discrimination or discrimination against job applicants based on gender, color, religion, or nationality. Outreach campaigns, development of the management and employees, support of programs by employees, and outreach campaigns are examples of affirmative actions which are offered by the United States Department of labor (Schneyer, KL 1993).

    There are certain U.S Supreme Court cases which are related to affirmative action plans such as the Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson court case. The case involved the respondent who a former employee of the petitioner was back ensured action against banks and the individual who was her supervisor with claims that, during the period that she was employed by the bank, the supervisor subjected her to sexual harassment which is in violation of the title VII of the civil rights act of 1964, the respondent ...

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    The United States supreme court and affirmative action plans are examined.