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    Digital Stratigraphy and Computer Forensics

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    What is digital stratigraphy? Give an example to illustrate how digital stratigraphy is important in the field of Computer Forensics.

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    Use one example to discuss how to use digital stratigraphy techniques in computer forensics.

    Digital Stratigraphy techniques can be used to great effect in computer forensics. There are several cases and instances where these techniques have been used by computer forensic investigators.

    For example, the use of computer forensics can be powerful in testing allegations of copyright infringement of digitally recorded music. I cam e across one such example while trying to find some information in this context, where digital stratigraphy techniques played an important role in forensic investigation. Stroz Friedberg was hired by a musician, who was threatened ...

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    This solution discusses the importance of Digital Stratigraphy in Computer Forensics with the help of an example.