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    Processing Crimes and Incident Scenes

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    In 980 words, Please introduce, executive summary and conclude the Processing Crime and Incident Scenes by
    1. Explain the rules for controlling digital evidence
    2. Describe how to collect evidence at private-sector incident scenes
    3. Explain guidelines for processing law enforcement crime scenes
    4. Describe how to secure a computer incident or crime scene

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    // Processing and assessing the crime and incident scenes helps in identifying the evidence that are authentic in nature so that the crime-related claims made with respect to the outcomes are valid. In this essence, the following section has discussed the rules followed in collecting digital evidence. Along with this, the collection of the evidence for incident scenes at the private sector has also been discussed.//
    Executive Summary
    The paper aims at discussing the processing of the crime and incident scenes by laying out the rules for the collection of digital evidence or physical evidence in private sectors. It has also explored the guidelines that are followed while processing the crime scenes associated with law enforcement. Lastly, the ways of securing a crime scene or computer incident have also been identified and elaborated. From the findings of the paper, it has been concluded that with respect to the incident or crime scene, the processing and identification of the evidence are undertaken wherein the digital evidence is given due consideration.
    The digital evidence is the data that is transmitted or stored in a digital format and can be presented in the court as evidence according to the US legislation (Nelson, Phillips & Steuart, 2014). The following rules are to be followed while controlling the digital evidence:
    1. Under the collection of the digital data, a comparison between the original and duplicate information should be undertaken for the detection of the changes.
    2. Computer records are considered to be the hearsay evidence (EC-Council, 2009).
    3. The digital evidence is accepted if it is categorised as a ...

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