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    Behavioral profiling

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    Take the role of an investigator conducting behavioral profiling

    Prepare case assessment guidebook that identifies and describes specific components you would use in building a criminal profile for use with a type of or series of crimes for presenting in court.

    Develop your guidebook in a prioritized order for categories of evidence you will employ in the profile construction.

    Include your rationale for each category's inclusion and prioritization.

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    The series of crimes can be robberies that have been conducted in an area wherein the crimes have become increasingly brazen and violent. The impetus for the behavioral profiles is based upon the investigators attempting to understand the various behavioral characteristics about the offenders based upon offender behavior and physical evidence at the crime scenes. The focus will be predicated upon Disorganized and Organized offender categories and how understanding these criminal profiles can help identify the suspects and be used in court for trial.

    In psychiatric terms disorganized ...

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