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    Forensic Accounting

    Forensic accounting is a specialized type of accounting that is done only when there is a litigation or arising dispute and financial report data is required.  Forensic accountants are trying to find suitable evidence within the financial statements that can be used in a court of law.  Forensic accountants are used in many different categories of cases, including:

    • Crimes from money laundering (to trace funds)
    • Marital or familial disputes (to calculate incomes, etc.)
    • Bankruptcy
    • Securities fraud

    The accountants are looking closely to the numbers presented on financial statements to see if those numbers match reality.  Essentially, the job of a forensic accountant is to provide financial or numerical evidence in court to settle a dispute between two parties.  They must have a very keen eye for detail and a good understanding of accounting, as they are responsible for providing facts to the court.  Most of the information that could be used as valuable evidence has been well hidden so that it could never be found, so the accountant must be knowledgeable enough to uncover it. 

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    Present New Developments in Forensic Accounting Research

    Locate five (5) articles from scholarly peer-reviewed accounting journals that address recent or upcoming changes in forensic accounting standards and practices applicable to practicing accountants. No article can be more than three (3) years old. In selecting articles, try to find sources that are relevant to the areas of accou

    Explaining the meaning of 'risk' to a jury in simple English

    If you are an expert witness and have to explain the meaning of 'risk' to a jury in simple English, what would you tell the jury? Please note:The average juror has no formal accounting or finance education, so use non-technical language in your answer. See if you can avoid talking about anything complicated such as investment

    Seizing digital evidence at the scene

    In 760 words, Please introduce and conclude by explain guidelines for seizing digital evidence at the scene, and explain how to obtain a digital hash and also list procedures for storing digital evidence.

    Processing Crimes and Incident Scenes

    In 980 words, Please introduce, executive summary and conclude the Processing Crime and Incident Scenes by 1. Explain the rules for controlling digital evidence 2. Describe how to collect evidence at private-sector incident scenes 3. Explain guidelines for processing law enforcement crime scenes 4. Describe how to secure a

    Case: Krenar Lusha and Scott Tyree

    Please summarize those tree cases below in which computer forensics was used to solve them Case:Krenar Lusha - (160 words minimum) http://tips4pc.com/computer_tips_and_tricks/6-juicy-criminal-cases-that-used-computer-forensics.htm http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/derbyshire/8414527.stm Case: Scott Tyree - (160 wo

    Accounting Recovery

    I think that it will take some time for the profession to completely recover from the scandals of the 2000s. While the profession has taken a number of steps to improve perception, I still have a number of clients with huge loss carryovers from the demise of WorldCom. It will take a long time for people to put that behind them

    Financial Statements are like Processed Food

    I once had a professor explain to me that financial statements are like processed food. The food manufacturing process allows for so many parts per million of insects, chemicals, bacteria, etc. As long as the contaminants are kept to a low level the food is considered acceptable for consumption. The same goes for financial state

    Financial Statement Fraud Scheme..

    Use the attached Case Study Write a letter or memo in no more than 1,050 words to the organization's management and communicate the examination findings explained in the case. Include the following in your letter or memo: •A summary of the matter under investigation •The scope of the examination •A summary of conc

    Financial Statement Fraud

    Write a summary and synopsis on the following topics - 500 words Financial accounting principles can be used fraudulently. From the strategies used to state assets and liabilities to misrepresent a true depiction of the organization's health, financial statement fraud is committed. You also learn the relationship between su

    Accounting Information System and evolving technologies

    Subject: Accounting Information System and evolving technologies In 488 words, please introduce, Identify, describe and Conclude using the 3 points below: - Identify and describe 3 major emerging technologies that will have a pronounced effect on AIS over the next 10 years? - Identify and describe 3 serious issues facing a

    Billing Schemes

    Principles of Fraud Examination, Ch. 4 Billing Schemes Learning Objectives After studying this chapter, you should be able to: List the five major categories of fraudulent disbursements Define billing schemes List the three categories of billing schemes Understand what a shell company is, and how it is formed List and

    Investigative Process

    After reading the notes below answer the following question. 100 words is fine. Does a time come when an investigation is just wasting money and resources? What would be some key considerations to determine if an investigation should proceed or if it should be sidelined? I think one of the most important parts of the invest

    Conduct an interview of a fraud suspect(s)

    Based upon the knowledge you have gained from fraud examination and the fraud triangle, please discuss how you, a fraud examiner, would approach and conduct an interview of a fraud suspect(s) in a case you have been assigned. Remember to include techniques, theory and approaches in the answer.

    Internet Presence

    In 940 words please: Developing an Internet presence for a small retail hand-made specialty-goods business. Revenue Categories: wooden goods, jewelry, home decorative goods. The small business has two stores, each store with 3 salespersons. Each store has 1 POS terminal for sales. All goods are hand-tagged. No UPC or Bar Code

    Tesco: Accounting Scandal

    According to Tesco's Accounting Scandal, Please discuss and describe what Internal and external controls violated See bellow links for info: http://www.riskandcrisismanagement.com/2014/10/tescos-accounting-scandal-a-lesson-for-all-public-companies/ https://www.lfhe.ac.uk/en/governance-new/resource-bank/previous-news-ale

    Spike's Transport: Collusion schemes; fraud; forensic accounting

    Spike's Transport Spike's Transport is in the business of move. Spike has a fleet of trucks and drives who are all insured and licensed. Spike has noticed that during the last year three of his employees: Sam 28YOA worked for the company for 5 years as Sales Representative works with various vendors and contracts, Cindy 33

    Bookkeeper sign checks/ make deposits/ make ledger entries

    Benchmark Real Estate Funds Kathy 48 YOA/ 3 years Bookkeeper sign checks/ make deposits/ make ledger entries, Cassandra 49YOA /3 years Real Estate Agent/ Closer-Closes deals on new purchases/ sign and write checks/ has access to all records and Joe 49 YOA/ 3 years Real Estate Agent/ Closer-Closes deals on new purchases/ sign a

    Most popular grocery and retail megastore

    In 688 words... Tesco's Accounting Scandal Tesco, Britain's most popular grocery and retail megastore, is known as the second largest multinational retailer in the world. However, due to strong competition in the European market, the company's profits have been progressively declining in the past few years. As if that is not e

    Fraud Triangle-who has been taking Murray Fine Foods Assets

    You, the Certified Fraud examiner, There are Andrew 53 year old and driver for Murray Fine Foods for 33 years, Ernesto 49 year old working as a Dock Loading Supervisor for 29 years, and Katrina 29 year old working for 20 years as a driver for Murray Fine Foods. Murray has been experiencing a theft of assets from their vehicles.

    Upgrade by Developing an Internet Presence

    Small Business Retail Needs upgrade by developing an Internet presence such as : - Shopping cart system (e.g., OS commerce, Shopify, Amazon) - Accounting system software - Payment forms accepted (e.g., paypal, mastercard) . Payment processors (e.g., authorize.net) Please discuss and explain how you would implement the abov

    Fernando's Fraud Triangle

    In 240 words please discuss below: Fernando's Fraud Triangle Fernando's Fraud Triangle is a retail establishment that has been experiencing lower revenues in the last six months, even though sales are up to 21.1 %. Fernando's sells whatever products you want to sell and takes cash, credit cards, and checks. All three

    Documentations for Fraud Occurrence

    The Guardian An individual is appointed as the guardian overseeing 1.3 million dollars, awarded to the parents of a minor child. The guardian is required to file annual reports with the courts and guardianship tax returns, which he does. The bank statements show the proper balance, less any expenses-$40,000 for a down payment o

    Scott W. Rothstein Story

    In 1785 words, please discuss include an abstract and introduction of Scott W. Rothstein story (fraudster), the background and history, how He committed the fraud via the fraud triangle, how you would correct the issue, what accounting principles He violated, your recommendations for a fix, internal and external controls violate

    The town clerk receives the mail for the Town of Charity

    The town clerk receives the mail for the Town of Charity, every day. Included in the mail are utility payments, both in cash and check form. The amount of money taken in by the Utility Department is lower than it should be. The Utility Department also takes in checks and cash on a daily basis. No customer has complained that the

    Fraud examination and the Fraud triangle

    A combination of your explanation of fraud examination and the fraud triangle. You will explain this by including an abstract, an abstract, introduction, discussion on the fraud triangle, but not just a text book definition, rather your thoughts about the fraud triangle and how you, as a fraud examiner, might utilize it. Explai

    Changing role for forensic accountant

    Prepare a paper focused on the ever-changing role of the forensic accountant. Things to consider: The influence of technology and the impact of more service-based industry. How has the forensic accounting adapted to the new requirements? Does this profession add value to a firm, or is this profession part of a dying breed? What