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    Tesco: Accounting Scandal

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    According to Tesco's Accounting Scandal, Please discuss and describe what Internal and external controls violated

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    //Tesco is a multinational company and is among the world's leading company, and its main headquarter is situated in the United Kingdom. A massive scandal in the company is Tesco's accounting scandal of profits worth approximately GBP 250 million as investigated by the Serious Fraud Office. An overview of the scandal of Tesco's accounting is given in the below section and further, the internal and external controls that were violated due to which the scandal and fraud happened are also discussed.//

    Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen in the year 1919 as a small group of market stalls, and the present CEO of the company is Dave Lewis. Tesco's management is the largest chain of retailing in the United Kingdom (Haerifar, 2012). The company has suspended four senior executives due to the massive scam in the accounts of the company. This scam happened due to the misappropriation of its profit worth of approximately 250 million GBP. Therefore, the main executives suspended due to ...

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    The response addresses the query is posted in 579 words with APA References.