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Tesco SWOT & Vision

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I have accepted a position as CEO of Tesco PLC - It was recently revealed that "value" ground beef products at the British grocery chain may contain up to 60% horse meat. While an investigation is underway and those products have been removed from shelves, how can Tesco repair their image?

As CEO I am responsible for maintaining and growing shareholder value. My first action as CEO is to write a report to the Board of Directors outlining my first 90 days on the job. I need to focus on the company's short-term needs, first 90 days, and need to outline a vision for the company's strategy for the next 5 to 10 years. Need to conduct a SWOT analysis along with defining the vision - a vision that will address short-term and long-term needs. With references and citations.

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When I joined Tesco as the CEO, I found that value ground beef products contain up to 60% horse meat. My first priority will be to improve the image of Tesco (2). The steps that I will take will be to carry out quick investigation and find out exactly what happened. Next I will address the support staff that face customers relating to the value ground beef problem. I will inform them of the results of investigation. I will take full responsibility for the ground beef scam. I will assess the business impact of the ground beef problem. I will listen to what the customers are saying and I will develop a corporate message that takes responsibility for the scam. I will also disclose the investigations that have been carried out and the investigations that are still on. I will personally go on TV and explain to the customers the steps that Tesco is taking to ensure that such a scam does not happen in future. I will describe some of the quality confirming tests that Tesco will carry out in future. I will closely watch the reaction of people and take action as required to allay the fears of the consumers and reassure them that such adulteration will not take place in future. I will also promise the customers to keep them abreast of the findings in the investigations. Most importantly, I will not lie (3). ...

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