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Diversity in Organizations- Tesco

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• The business case for diversity as proposed by Bendick, Egan, and Lanier says that if a business case for diversity is poorly conceived, it leads to discriminatory employment practices. The business case for diversity means that an organization that has an ethnically more diverse workforce is more creative/innovative/productive. This leads ethnic marketing targeting that relies on the ethnic capital of employees (1). Such targeting increases the demand for the products and services of the company. Those companies that do not hire ethnic minorities will have a lower market demand. According to Bendick, Egan, and Lanier, they studied employment data on African Americans from one large US retailer and from the advertising industry. The authors hold that poorly conceived business case for diversity led to discriminatory employment practices. These included stereotype-based segregation in work segments, inequality in compensation, and unfair promotions. These employment practices actually reduce employment opportunities for women and ethnic minorities. Discriminatory employment practices do not lead ...

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