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    SWOT and Porter Analysis for a Large Corporation.

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    SWOT and Porter analyses are two key tools used in business analysis. Each provides a unique view of certain aspects of an organization. I need an example of how these are used for a major, large corporation.

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    Tesco PLC Company Analysis
    Introduction 2
    Abstract 2
    SWOT 3
    Porter's Five Forces Analysis 4
    Recommendations 5
    References 6

    Tesco PLC is one of the largest Fortune magazine Global companies. It is the largest food and non-food retailer in the UK and operates as one of the largest retailers in the world. It operates globally as the Fresh & Easy brand. In addition to food retailing, it competes in other markets as Tesco Mobile and Tesco Bank. (Merrill Lynch) It is based in Hertfordshire, UK and has 519,671 employees.

    Financial Summary (Kasoulis, et. al.):

    Projected financial performance compared to period 2009-2013:

    Revenue EBITA
    Projected 2009-2013 Projected 2009-2013
    3.5 4.72 5.9 -10.15

    EBITA is expected to improve. However revenue growth continues to be an issue. These mixed expectations are likely contributing to a mixed response from stockbroker recommendations.

    Credit Suisse maintains an Outperform rating while Schwab's is Neutral. This indicates that analysts are not convinced that Tesco has made sufficient progress in improving performance. The ability to grow revenue must be a key measure for Tesco.

    This report is an analysis of Tesco PLC based in the UK. It will include a SWOT, Porter's Five Forces, financial and strategic analyses. These will then be used to develop recommendations for recommendations for Tesco's leadership. Tesco has a record of seeking initiatives that go beyond its core food retailing business. Its ability to leverage this capability will be key to future financial performance.

    The company built an effective business model via diversification into non-food markets such as mobile communications, banking and global markets. Globalization added sales channels and helped to reduce business risk. However, there have been some setbacks for example; Tesco is selling its Fresh & Easy unit in the US. Tesco was not able to transfer ...

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    The following solution provides an analysis of Tesco PLC based in the UK. It is 360 in the Fortune 1000 Global list. It consists of a SWOT, Porter's Five Forces, financial and strategic analyses.