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Wal-Mart Strategic management vision: external opportunities

1) How well Wal-Mart has done in seizing upon external opportunities, and handled outside threats?

2) Has Wal-Mart's attempts to realize the mission and vision through dealing with exogenous threats and external opportunities that arise really worked?

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Wal-Mart is the largest retail company throughout the world, with over 971 discount stores, 2447 supercentres, 132 neighbourhood markets and 591 Sam's club s in the US. The company is spread over the 14 countries and employees almost over 2.1 million people. The company has made enormous revenue of over $378,799 million for the year end January 2008.

The company's revenue has increased by 8.6% over the previous year and the profits increased by over 7.3% over 2007. Being the largest retailing company worldwide, the company faces a lot of competition from across retailers both locally and globally. The revenue made by the company is primarily from US (Money Central, 2008).

Wal-Mart's Mission:
"To give ordinary folk the chance to buy the same thing as rich people"
Wal-Mart's Vision:
"To become the world leaders in retailing"

Below are the threats faced by the Wal-Mart:- Intense Competition: Being the best within the industry the company faces a lot of competition both locally as well as globally. The company faces a lot of competition from the major competitors like Tesco, Carrefour, Target, Sears, and a number of other local companies. Wal-Mart competes with a number of different companies which operate speciality stores, internet based retailers, catalogue retailers, wholesale clubs, and a number of other operating companies. The competition faced is very intense. This intense competition can directly affect the company's revenues and profitability. Resistance and Opposition from ...

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