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    Wal-mart: Organization industry overview

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    Selected organization/industry for this assignment is Wal-Mart.

    Prepare an organization/industry overview, using APA formatting and include references, of your selected organization and industry. Be sure to include a history of the organization/industry, the market in which it operates, the role of government regulations on you organization/industry, and any issues or opportunities that the organization/industry faces.

    1) Include a history of the organization/industry.
    2) The market in which the organization/industry operates.
    3) The role of government regulations on your organization/industry.
    4) Any issues or opportunities that the organization/industry faces.
    5) Intro/Conclusion.

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    Name of Organization: Wal Mart Stores, Inc.
    Address of the Company: 702 SW 8th Street, Wal Mart, Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611

    Introduction to the Company: Wal Mart has been in the industry for a number of years. Wal Mart was incorporated in 1962 with a vision to become the world leaders in retailing. The company has over the years developed a brand image and market place to become the biggest company in the industry. Wal Mart has been able to gain a position so big that it is thrice as big as its closest competitor. The company's signature for almost five decades has been 'Everyday low prices'. The company's main stakeholders are the shareholders, customers and employees (WalMart).

    Wal-Mart's Mission: "To give ordinary folk the chance to buy the same thing as rich people"

    Wal-Mart's Vision: "To become the world leaders in retailing" (WalMart).

    Competitors: Being such a vast and wide spread company, Wal Mart is faced with high levels of competition (Glee). The company faces competition not only locally but also internationally. Wal mart ranks second in the Fortune 500. However it still faces high levels of competition from various companies like Krogers, Carrefour, Costco Wholesale, Tesco, Target and many more. In terms of its products, the company has a wide range of brands that it provides apart from the own brand. Hence the competition faced by the company is not only from other departmental stores and super markets but also the brands that are sold within the own stores.

    Market Position: Wal Mart has created a strong brand name over the years. The company stands on the top of Fortune 500 list with the highest revenue. The company has created a strong brand image in a number of countries. The company earns its main revenues from US and this accounts for almost 75% of the total revenues (Glee). Wal Mart has used a very strong initiative of starting its own brands and creating a good mix of private brands as well the company has provided its customers with a wider range of goods. The techniques has not only allowed the company to gain a stronger market but has also led the company ...

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    A brief history of Wal-mart along with the market, role of government and issues/ opportunities faced are provided in the solution. References in APA format are also included.