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Cost Accounting Analysis - Wal-Mart

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Cost Accounting Analysis


You are the managerial accountant for Wal-Mart. Your primary responsibility is to make sure the operations of the company run smoothly and each department is meeting its goals. Your 2,100- to 2,800-word paper should address the following:

I. Introduction and Overview

a. A brief description of the company and its history
b. An overview of the industry and where the organization fits within the industry (above or below the industry average, within the industry norm, etc.) Does the company's standing in the industry help or hinder its success?
c. Possible major concerns or issues
d. An ethical situation potentially facing the company and suggestions on how to deal with the situation

II. Journal Entries

a. Provide a flexible budget for your organization.
b. Answer the following question: How might increased sales or increased revenue impact your organization's pricing strategy and market potential?

III. Conclusion and Recommendations

a. Provide a sound, qualitative conclusion of the information you have gathered
b. Provide any recommendations to help the organization achieve its goals faster or better
c. Include any other considerations viable to the success of the organization

Post your completed presentation paper and journal entries as attachments.

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