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    Explain how regulatory bodies affect financial decision-making

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    Explain how regulatory bodies affect financial decision-making

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    Investment Banking and Decision Making

    Impact of Regulatory Bodies on Financial Decision Making
    Regulatory bodies play a vital role in influencing the business related decisions of the organizations. Rule, regulations and norms of these bodies affect the business activities of organizations directly and indirectly. Wal-Mart is a largest grocery chain of the USA that follows rules and regulations set by different governing bodies. The regulatory bodies in or outside the United States can affect financial decision making of Wal-Mart. The Federal Trade Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sets laws and regulation for companies that Wal-Mart also required to follow while making financial decisions. Some of impacts of domestic, national, and international regulatory bodies on financial decision making of Wal-Mart are as follow:
    • The regulations of ...

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    The expert explains how regulatory bodies affect financial decision-making models.