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    How are the social science disciplines related?

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    Describe 6 social sciences. Explain how these six individual disciplines are related. Describe the decision-making process and explain how and why it fits within the study of social studies.

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    Six important social sciences include: Geography; Anthropology; Sociology; Economics; Law; and Psychology. Geography is the study of locations and features around the world. It involves topography, such as elevations, land masses, oceans and waters, and their locations to each other. It also involves the study of climates, temperatures, and their effects on land masses or bodies of water. Anthropology is the study of cultures and peoples within specific geographic regions. It involves learning how cultures live, what they believe, and how they communicate within their culture and with other cultures. Economics is the study of the financial and monetary
    health of a society. It involves understanding how major businesses and business systems affect society, how society affects financial systems, and how society values various financial beliefs and/or institutions.

    Sociology is the study of people as they ...

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    The following posting discusses how social science disciplines are related.