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Disciplines in Social Psychology

What are some of the disciplines in which social psychology can be applied? Please provide specific examples of these applications.

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Social Psychology is the scientific study of behaviors focused on understanding individual thoughts and behaviors that are influenced by others (i.e. society). Some disciplines in Social Psychology exist that include: Social cognition studies that are focused on schemas (set of rules) used to understand and interpret the world and how individuals function in the world. Another area of Social Psychology is the study of individuals' attitudes and how they form or develop.

An as example of studies in Social Cognition, Balsher, Ruzik, Bongar, & Cordova (2011) employed a social-cognitive model to examine the relationship between social constraints and posttraumatic stress disorders in persons seeking treatment for the disorders. Social constraints are operationalized as any social conditions that a person experiences related to a trauma-related illness such as: (a) feeling unsupported, (b) misunderstood, or ...

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This solution discusses areas of study in Social Psychology, and ways in which various disciplines in Social Psychology can be applied.