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    Accounting Information System and evolving technologies

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    Subject: Accounting Information System and evolving technologies

    In 488 words, please introduce, Identify, describe and Conclude using the 3 points below:
    - Identify and describe 3 major emerging technologies that will have a pronounced effect on AIS over the next 10 years?
    - Identify and describe 3 serious issues facing accountants in the AIS area over the next 10 years.
    -Identify and describe trends in employement and consulting opportunities for accountants in the AIS air over the next 10 years.

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    The response addresses the query posted in 846 words with APA references

    // In business, the accounting information is very crucial. It plays a significant role in business planning and controlling. Every important business decisions are taken in the light of accounting information. So, the following part of paper presents the introduction and accounting information in the business decision-making.//

    Information is considered as one of the important resources of the organization like human resource, capital, raw materials, etc. There is constant internal and external flow of information within and outside the organization. The information is internally used at the different levels of management to take decisions for effective business operations. The organizational information is required externally by customers, creditors, suppliers and other stakeholders (Gelinas, Dull & Wheeler, 2014). With the increase in the size of business, the use of technology for accounting purpose has become mandatory, and it is not possible to maintain financial records, financial reports' analysis and tax computation without the technological use. Accounting information system is must to collect, store, process and disseminate accurate and timely accounting information for decision-making (Hall, 2015).

    //Technology has helped to improve quality, as well as, accessibility of information by decision makers. Hence, the following part of the paper highlights the effects of technologies in the Accounting Information Systems (AIS). //

    Technology has made long and cumbersome ...

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    The expert examines accounting information systems and evolving technologies. The response addresses the query posted in 846 words with APA references.