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    In 940 words please:

    Developing an Internet presence for a small retail hand-made specialty-goods business. Revenue Categories: wooden goods, jewelry, home decorative goods. The small business has two stores, each store with 3 salespersons. Each store has 1 POS terminal for sales. All goods are hand-tagged. No UPC or Bar Codes are used.

    Please design a web presence for the company, and choose any software or QuickBooks POS. Be sure to place a heavy emphasis on search engine visibility, and include a strategy for visibility in the social media. The POS terminals and both stores need to be integrated into a single, secure system, along with Internet sales. Please, make sure you include an executive summary and an introduction.

    Thanks in advance

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    The response addresses the query is posted in 949 words with APA references.

    Executive Summary

    The given essay discusses the way to create a web presence of a small company that produces wooden goods and jewelry on a small scale. The business is conducted using two different stores, and the goods are retailed from these locations only. The company now urges to create a web presence in order to optimize its business. The essay covers all the necessary points that need to be kept in mind in order to create an effective web presence. It also tells about the steps that should be taken in order to create a successful business portfolio and also the software that needs to be implicated for the task.

    //Showing the web presence for a company is a part of the business strategy, which expands the overall business in the market. It digitizes the market and enables the expansion to a broader aspect. Here, we have defined the steps to create the business presence of a small company.//


    The present era is the era of digitization, where everything has started to correlate itself with the internet. As a result, the impact of being an online seller attracts a large crowd and produces a larger business than their regular business strategy. The company discussed here produces wooden goods and jewelry and has a small market. In order to increase its sales, it has decided to create its web presence, keeping in mind to mention all the services they provide. The web ...

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    The expert develops an internet presence for a small retail hand-made specialty-goods business. The response addresses the query is posted in 949 words with APA references.