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    Discussing Internet Security, Risks, and Web Presence

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    You want to bring up concerns about security with your brother. Joseph asks you, "If the Internet is inherently not secure, then why are so many business, government, and military transactions being processed online?" Your brother feels that the security risks for his food business are minimal to nonexistent. You respond that security is still important, even to a business like his, and it must be approached in a methodical way.

    Educate Joseph by developing a short research paper. Research and list some security concerns that his business should address as it considers how to develop a Web presence.
    What are the risks?
    How can they be lessened?
    Are you confident that the Internet is, or can be, secure enough to handle these transactions for his business or other businesses that are more information sensitive?

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    Internet Risks

    As the presence of internet is growing in the business world, every company wants to have a share of this opportunity. Internet is an excellent means for disseminating information and communicating with people in other parts of the world. However, what companies do not realize is that along with several benefits internet offers, there also are risks associated with this opportunity, which most of the companies do not realize. Yet, despite risks, the high expectations of success keeps businesses running without planning for risks. As a result, most companies fail.

    There are several risks associated with businesses use of internet. These are:

    ? Security: Since information is the primary commodity in the world of e-commerce, it faces the biggest risk. Once a cyber attacker gains control of the user computer, he may get access to all files and information stored on that system, including any financial information. This could have a serious impact which could make the business operations redundant for several days until the system gets restored. If the data is stolen, the company may risk losing the trust and credibility of their customers along with financial loss.
    ? Legality: It is possible that in some regions, doing business online is not legal. In addition, some locations may require collection of sales tax on internet sales. Thus, businesses have to aware of such legal risks before engaging in web presence.
    ? Fraud: Another risk of doing business online is fraud or deception. Since there is little or no way to verify the identity of the person with whom the ...

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