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    E-commerce Security and Privacy: Education on Security Concerns

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    You want to bring up concerns about security with your brother. He asks you that if the Internet is inherently not secure, then why are so many business, government, and military transactions processed online? Your brother feels that the security risks for Grandma's Treats are minimal to non-existent. You respond that security is still important, even to a business like his, and it must be approached in a methodical way.

    Educate your brother by developing a short research paper or presentation. List some security concerns that Grandma's Treats should address as it considers how to develop a web presence. What are the risks? How can they be lessened? Are you confident that the Internet is, or can be, secure enough to handle these transactions for Grandma's Treats or other more information-sensitive businesses?

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    Internet has become essential in every organization trying to become global and expand its business operations all over the world (Afuah & Tucci 2001). In the e-commerce business model it is necessary for the organizations that website or portals are highly secured to prevent unauthorized access (e-Business Models, 2008). The e-commerce business model will be very beneficial for Grandma's Treats, but the company should analyze security risk and make recommendations to become successful and fulfill ethical and legal consideration about the security of customer's information (SSL: Your Key to E-commerce Security, 2008).

    Though, several government, business and military transactions are being worked online, security is still very important to such a kind of business. The organization of business activities should be methodical (Afuah & Tucci 2001). The strong presence on the internet will help Grandma's Treats because it deals in bakery products. The business can be expended in this way. Online marketing and online ordering will help in improving the business process (SSL: Your Key to E-commerce Security, 2008). For all these purposes, Grandma's Treats needs a website, which will help it to promoting its products online. It will help the company by providing a portal but can also be risky.

    There are various risks that are associated with the security and privacy of an e-commerce business model and website of a company. All these issues should be considered by Grandma's Treats before starting business through an internet website. These issues are as follows (SSL: Your Key to E-commerce Security, 2008):

    - Security from hacking
    - Loss of personal and professional information
    - Financial records and the customer database can be misused by hackers
    - This can lead to loss in business
    - Virus is the major threat for the company website
    - Credit card fraud can hamper the business
    - Risk to loss of client's information on internet
    - All these practices are not in the favor ...

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