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    E-Commerce Security and Privacy

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    I am looking to obtain some concepts, thoughts, and ideas regarding open environments and overly secure environments, as the concepts relate to information security. Define what is open environment and the benefits of such a process. Are there any consequences of using an open environment? Explain the benefits and consequences of utilizing an overly secure environment. What are the ethical issues when handling personal information?

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    An open environment is one that is not protected by any encryption tools or security codes. Users are able to navigate through the website quickly, without having to register or log-in into the portal.

    An open environment leads to an ease of navigation for the customers on a website. Users are able to navigate through the website without having to log in or register, which makes it easy and convenient for them. Users find it very easy and fast to navigate through the pages or purchase items on the website, in the absence of a secure environment or the absence of a requirement to register. Hence, an open environment can be termed as more user friendly. The cost of such development, as well as maintaining such websites, is lower as well- as no encryption tools or codes are required for such websites with an open environment.

    However, such open environments are subject to security risks, leakages of information due to ...