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    develop a briefing for a group of C-level corporate executives

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    Using current information available on the Internet, develop a briefing for a group of C-level corporate executives at a company of your choice in regard to information security issues inherent in their e-commerce strategies and operations. Highlight points of potential vulnerability and some of the best practices being deployed to manage the risk of such security issues in the e-commerce context. Assume that these executives are rather lackadaisical about such security issues as they might have a devastating impact upon the companies brand. Given this attitude, how would you convince the senior managers that this is a problem truly warranting sufficient investment and leadership? 

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    //In the present world of e-commerce operations, there is a high risk of information security issues that impact the brand image of the companies. It is essential to investigate various risks associated with e-commerce and also understand the practices deployed to reduce and manage these risks. This article further discusses the current state and relevance for privacy and security issues in the context of e-commerce.//

    Apple's mobile platform was exposed to a rare vulnerability, where Apple App Store was hacked by the malware including hacking of more than three dozens apps in China. Some of the recently compromised apps include Tencent Holdings Ltd's popular mobile chat app WeChat, Uber-like car-hailing app Didi Kuaidi, and a Spotify-like music app from Internet portal NetEase Inc. Other apps are China's official train booking website and China Unicom, which is a state-run mobile carrier. This was one of the most widespread attacks on the Apple's iOS mobile operating system, which resulted in the spreading of malware and compromising of the users' details. These apps were infected by the attackers and prompted fake alerts, which were used to steal ...

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    The expert develops a briefing for a group of C-level corporate executives. The response addresses the query posted in 735 words with APA References.