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    Conduct an interview of a fraud suspect(s)

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    Based upon the knowledge you have gained from fraud examination and the fraud triangle, please discuss how you, a fraud examiner, would approach and conduct an interview of a fraud suspect(s) in a case you have been assigned. Remember to include techniques, theory and approaches in the answer.

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    //This discussion has presented a way to approach and conduct an interview with a fraud suspect on the basis of knowledge gained about fraud and fraud triangle. In context to this, the introduction section provides a brief overview of a process required for fraud investigation.//


    The process of fraud examination involves sequential procedure from data/evidence analysis to the specific generalizations at the end. In this entire process, the role of fraud examiner is quite crucial to get information from the suspect of the inquiry for the fraud (Albrecht, Albrecht, Albrecht & Zimbelman, 2011). Addressing the fraud allegations, in an adequate manner, is possible for the fraud examiner only through detailed investigations.

    Way to Approach and Conduct Interview of a Fraud Suspect

    As a fraud examiner, fraud theory approach ...

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