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Criminal Investigation: Preparing Interview Questions

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-The Interview
Mr. Adams, not further identified, has called the police station and stated that he has information concerning an armed robbery of a convenience store. When he observed the robbery in progress, he was parked across the street using his cell phone. It is possible that he can provide a great deal of information or only a few details. Mr. Adams has agreed to come to the police station and relate the information he knows about the incident.

As a detective, you have many armed robberies to investigate, and it will be necessary to conduct a thorough interview of this potential witness. Do the following:

Prepare a list of at least 10 questions that you plan to ask Mr. Adams with some space between your questions to record his answers. During the interview, other questions might come up. Add these questions to the list also.

Describe how you would arrange the room in which the interview will be held to ensure that the witness is completely at ease and does not feel disturbed or intimidated.

Discuss what you would say to Mr. Adams prior to the interview to make him feel comfortable and ensure his full cooperation.

Discuss how you will ensure that the interview is thorough and that all information is collected.

Identify at least two questions pertaining to the crime that, though necessary, you would not ask Mr. Adams as these questions might scare him off. Explain what these questions are and how can they prove detrimental during witness interviewing.

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Prepare a list of at least 10 questions that you plan to ask Mr. Adams with some space between your questions to record his answers. During the interview, other questions might come up. Add these questions to the list also.

1. What position was your vehicle facing when the robbery occurred?
2. How did the suspect car look?
3. What color was the suspects' car?
4. What model was the suspects' car?
5. What year do you believe the suspects' car was made in?
6. Was it a newer model vehicle?
7. Was the suspect with any accomplices?
8. Did the suspect have any identifying characteristics that you noticed such as tattoos or piercings?
9. What color, height, and age do you believe the suspect was?
10. Would you be able to identify the suspect in a lineup if we requested your assistance?

Describe how you would arrange the room in ...

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Robert Ford, Director of Internal Auditing, received an anonymous tip from an employee in one of the high tech manufacturing plants. The employee noted that there was a major embezzlement taking place in one of the divisions. Internal audit had completed a routine review of internal control of that division the previous year and found that the control system was properly designed and operating effectively. Only minor recommendations were made, and the next review was scheduled for 3 years.

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Your report should address the issues in the situation above and include your research on best practices in interviewing and taking witness statements. Include at least 2 other reference sources beyond the textbook and course materials

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