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List the things that should not be done in a fraud investiga

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List the things that should not be done in a fraud investigation.

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I have seen this question before in various textbooks, and I have often wondered what the publisher was thinking when he wrote this question. This is a trick question, and in my opinion, one that's not even written well.

Basically, everything you should not do in a fraud investigation will be the opposite of the things that you should do. Let me give you several examples.

The fraud examiner should gather all pertinent evidence needed. What you don't want to do: Not collect evidence because of any one of several reasons, where you feel that the evidence, although necessary, is not crucial to the case. All evidence should be collected in the same manner, using the same methods to protect the evidence. What you don't want to do: Let any person tamper with evidence that is collected, or announce that you will be ...

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List the things that should not be done in a fraud investigation.

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