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    Case: Krenar Lusha and Scott Tyree

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    Please summarize those tree cases below in which computer forensics was used to solve them
    Case:Krenar Lusha - (160 words minimum)

    Case: Scott Tyree - (160 words minimum)

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    //Computer forensics refers to a significant branch in the domain of digital forensic science that takes into consideration the evidence retrieved from the digital storage, such as computers, for identifying, recovering and presenting opinions and facts. In this essence, the following section presents the gruesome cases of Krenar Lusha and Scott Tyree, who were proved guilty with the help of computer forensics.//
    Case1: Krenar Lusha
    Krenar Lusha, who was found to be living in the UK in an illegal manner, is an immigrant of the Albanian identity and was convicted with the help of the evidence found against him related to committing terrorist acts for which he was jailed (BBC, 2009). Due to the lack of physical evidence, the investigators found the ...

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