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Enumerated Powers and the Dred Scott Case

Summarize the "National Enumerated Powers" and perhaps name a few?

I also am wondering why the "Dred Scott case" is significant to state power.

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Enumerated Powers

There are several granted or express powers that the U.S. Constitution bestows on the federal government that provide for its strength and power. All other powers that are not expressly given to the federal government are reserved for the state governments. While the federal government has significant power to guide the nation, the states still are able tax their citizens, protect their state through their own police and fire systems, and regulate their education systems, health systems, and licensing. Article I, section 8 of the U.S. Constitution grants powers to Congress. These enumerated powers detail the authorities of Congress. Simply, the enumerated powers are the specific powers that Congress maintains. The "certain enumerated powers" granted to Congress include:

1. It may lay and collect taxes
2. It ...

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This solution offers a brief discussion of the enumerated powers of Congress and a brief discussion of the Dred Scott case.