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    Corporations Rights to Free Speech

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    Do Corporations have the same free speech as persons?

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    Naturally, I'm not going to write a three page paper for this solution but I do have some valuable points that will guide in preparing for this assignment. Yes, a corporation does have the same rights to freedom of speech as an individual citizen. The question that students as you need to think about is not the legal ramifications of corporations expressing views that may offend segments of the public, but the impact to their business. For every action, there is a reaction. Business has to be calculated in their public comments, public responses, and public campaigns in general so as not to offend groups that can impact their revenue. Organizations that aren't diverse often find themselves in trouble because they don't have representation at top levels of the business that may offer ...

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    This solution of 494 words examines a corporation's right to free speech and the implications of them utilizing that right. References used are included.