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    Forensic Accounting

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    Financial Statement Fraud - Sarbanes-Oxley

    1. What are the differences between financial statement fraud that occurs on the balance sheet and that which occurs on the income statement? In your answer, discuss the different types of financial statement fraud, the timing of the fraud, and the recognition of the fraud by the marketplace. 2 Contrast the effect of financia

    Forensic Accounting Fraud Investigator

    1. If you were the fraud investigator, would you use "gut instinct" if something appeared true? 2. Respond to the following statement. Is it ethical for a fraud investigator not to include something in a report that she believes to be true and that would help her client but would increase the chances of the perpetrator fi

    Finanical Frauds

    Need 500 words - 100 words per each case with references/citation 1 John Markov runs a family-owned department store in St. Louis. The store consists of nine different departments, each with its own department manager. Store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., and from noon until 5:00 P.M. on Sunda

    Ethics in Forensic Investigation and the Daubert Test

    1. What would it take to qualify a forensic accountant who plans to give expert testimony in an embezzlement case under the Daubert test? 2. Is it ethical for a fraud investigator not to include something in a report that she believes to be true and that would help her client but would increase the chances of the perpetrator

    Forensic Accounting Investigate Employee Fraud

    A manager is suspected of making top-side journal entries to increase the income of the company because his bonus depends on the company's achieving at least a certain level of income. 1. What would you, a trained forensic accountant, look for when investigating this type of fraud? 2. Give an example of how link analysis mi

    Fraud Detection Techniques

    1. You just received a tip that a substantial amount of inventory is being stolen from the dock area of the company for which you work as an internal auditor. What techniques might be useful in determining whether this allegation is true? 2. A manager is suspected of making top-side journal entries to increase the income of t

    Fraud Investigations Evidence

    Respond to following question/statements 1. Fraud is almost always hidden because the fraudster hopes that by hiding it they will get away with it. Being that fraud is hidden it does make it harder on the fraud investigator. Fraud is usually uncovered because there is some sort of indication that there may be fraud going on. Th

    Accounting Fraud Investigation

    1. Explain why, ideally, it Is best that the person initially receiving an incident report not collect evidence before deciding whether an investigation is warranted. 2. What are some possible benefits of conducting an investigation under the attorney-client privilege? 3. How can a fraud investigator document a case against an

    Ethical Aspects of Fraud Evaluated through the "Fraud Triangle"

    1. Is it ethical for a manager to permit an employee to continue working after finding the employee embezzling a significant amount of funds? Is it ethical for a manager not to report a subordinate caught in fraud to others in the organization? Explain. 2. Consider the fraud triangle. What does it suggest regarding fraud indi

    Internal Controls in Accounting

    1. What are the main components of the internal control processes? 2. Should internal controls prevent financial statement fraud? Explain.

    Error versus Fraud in Accounting

    Discuss the terms "error" and "fraud." What is the difference between the two? What is the auditor's responsibility for finding each?

    Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Embezzling Case Study

    1. Mary Soto, the controller of My Citizens Company, has gone over its inventory records many times and is concerned that one or more company employees has stolen large amounts of the company's inventory. However, she is not absolutely sure that any theft has actually taken place because large portions of the written and compute

    WorldCom Case

    According to the WorldCom Case, please : Discuss facts of the WorldCom case and the outcomes. What were the outcomes for the other important WorldCom players? Do you think there is any link, other than coincidence and bad luck that both the Enron and WorldCom audit failures were Arthur Andersen clients?

    Auditing Quality: Assurance Partner New Partner Enron Engagement

    Using the Enron Case: Discuss the issue of the partner responsible for the engagement being a relative young partner with limited personal power within AA. How might this have influenced his behavior? Contrast this to the role of the quality assurance partner for the Enron engagement.

    Performing computer forensic investigations

    What are some of the technical skills needed to perform computer forensic investigations? What kinds of clues or evidence does the forensic auditor need to collect to try and track the internal or external hacker? Let's look at cybercrime and ways to find the bad guys! Find sites devoted to cybercrime and the tools available

    Auditor Case Study: Lack Of Information

    The collective goal among auditors and staff is accountability, good governance, and transparency. Cooperation is necessary to perform an effective and efficient audit. For this discussion, you are an auditor for an auditing firm. The previous auditor assigned to the client quit. You have been brought in to the assignment mid-wa

    Auditing Management Estimates and Risks

    Discuss key audit steps you would perform in auditing accounting estimates. What risks are involved to the auditor in auditing such estimates? Please answer very concisely in 50 words or less (maximum).

    Fraud Detection

    Why do we need professional standards, related to fraud detection, for internal and external auditors?

    The Importance of Evidence

    What do you consider to be the most important thing for a forensic accountant to remember about evidence? Why?

    Knowing Your Audience

    Presenting Research Findings/You may have heard the phrase "know your audience" made in reference to an entertainer, perhaps a comedian or musician. Knowing your audience is equally important in writing, which helps to establish an appropriate writing voice and approach. How you disseminate your research findings—whether in wr

    DNA Profiling Laboratory Methods

    Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) profiling is a laboratory method used by forensic scientists to determine the identification of individuals by their unique DNA signature. Also known as DNA testing, this method has been used to diagnose potential genetic disorders, identify heritage, and provide forensic evidence.

    Forensic Accouting

    Research the Exxon Valdez and Prince William Sound Case What has happened to the key players since the events in this case? Were the consequences they experienced as a result of their role appropriate under the circumstances and why? What preventive and detective controls can be put in place to prevent this from happenin

    Guide to the New PCAOB Reporting Requirements

    1) Using at least three (3) recent credible sources: 2) Justify how the reporting requirements of the PCAOB reduce the chance of financial fraud. 3) Illustrate the responsibilities of an auditing firm to detect fraud during the audit process. 4) Recommend alternatives to the PCAOB. 5) Prepare a sample timeline for PCAO

    Cyber Forensic Investigation Stages and Investigative Techniques

    1) Provide detailed descriptions of each of the following 6 stages - Preserve - Locate - Select - Analyse - Validate - Present Evidence 2) Provide detailed descriptions for each of the following 5 investigation techniques - File Structure - Steganography - Live Analysis - Dea

    J&J Forensic Accountants Engagement Proposal for the CEO

    Scenario Joe Hughes has never been in such a pensive mood since he started working in the airline industry 30 years ago. He started his career as a Navy pilot, moved on to work for a commercial airline as a manager of fleet maintenance, and then took up the position of Vice President of Operations (VPO) with a small airline