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    Forensic Accounting investigate employee fraud

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    A manager is suspected of making top-side journal entries to increase the income of the company because his bonus depends on the company's achieving at least a certain level of income.

    1. What would you, a trained forensic accountant, look for when investigating this type of fraud?
    2. Give an example of how link analysis might be used to investigate mortgage fraud.
    3. Give examples of situations in which a search warrant could be used to investigate employee fraud.
    4. Analyze yourself to determine whether you primarily speak in terms of the sight, auditory, or touch sense. Without disclosing your determination to anyone else, ask a friend or family member to provide his or her opinion on your primary sensory orientation.
    5. Construct a compound question. Discuss how a subject might answer one of the questions and divert attention from the other one.
    6. What can the interviewer do to calm a subject's anger?

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    1. When investigating a manager who is suspected of making top-side journal entries, I will first look at entries that are manually entered by individuals. Further, software can be run that reports all topside entries. From the report, I will strike out the legitimate top side entries and will check the remaining entries. Next, I will follow the suspicious top side entries everywhere in the system. I will follow them through each different account and find out from where they have come. Once the source is identified, I will know if there is a fraud.
    2. Link analysis can be used to investigate mortgage fraud. Link analysis examines the bad links in the profile of the borrower. Audit quickly and easily identifies the risk within the link profile of the borrower, the assets, and borrower's income. Link analysis helps ...

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