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    Upgrade by Developing an Internet Presence

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    Small Business Retail Needs upgrade by developing an Internet presence such as :
    - Shopping cart system (e.g., OS commerce, Shopify, Amazon)
    - Accounting system software
    - Payment forms accepted (e.g., paypal, mastercard) . Payment processors (e.g., authorize.net)

    Please discuss and explain how you would implement the above

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    // In the following discussion, the major requirements of a small retail business to make a long-lasting online presence, such as the shopping cart system with a reliable integrated payment gateway and an accounting software system have been discussed. //

    An efficient internet structure in a small retail business is highly necessary for striking a balance between proper marketing and online sales of good and services (Arden & Entrepreneur Press, 2009). The implementation of a convenient shopping cart system for the customers is required for the retail business for making their online shopping experience a pleasant one. Free e-commerce software, like OsCommerce, can be used by the small retail business for the purpose of incorporating a shopping cart system without incurring ...

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    The expert examines a small business retail needing upgrade by developing an internet presence. The expert explains how you would implement the upgrade. The response addresses the query, posted in 481 word with APA References.