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    Fernando’s Fraud Triangle

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    In 240 words please discuss below:

    Fernando's Fraud Triangle

    Fernando's Fraud Triangle is a retail establishment that has been experiencing lower revenues in the last six months, even though sales are up to 21.1 %.

    Fernando's sells whatever products you want to sell and takes cash, credit cards, and checks.

    All three categories-cash/checks/credit cards-have remained consistent with no significant increase-while sales are up.

    There are three employees and all have access to the register and can override refunds and any other items that need to be charged back.

    You have been called in as the Fraud Examiner to see who has their fingers in the till.

    "Mitch" -

    47 Years old; 14.2 years with the company/full time employee
    Recently divorced/ pays child support for two kids
    Wages are garnished by the courts for payment
    Drives a 2014 Jag-u-Ar
    Just bought a new home
    Makes $82,282 a year
    Loves to dress in style
    Loves the night life

    "Crystal" -

    31 Years old; 10.8 years with the company/full time employee
    Married/mother of two children
    Husband has a full time job
    Makes $62,262 a year
    Drives a 2013 Volvo
    Recently bought a new home
    Loves to dress in style
    Loves the night life


    21 years old; 5.3 years with the company/part time employee
    College student/accounting
    Just bought a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
    Lives with his parents
    Pays for school
    Makes $28,282 a year, part time
    Loves to party and dress nice

    Applying the fraud triangle, who has been stealing the funds?

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    //Fernando is a retail organization suffering from lower revenues even though the sales are high. In this regard, the further text examines the three employees in question, Mitch, Crystal and John with the help of a Fraud Triangle Model. //

    The fraud triangle is a model that provides the justification for committing fraud and has three main elements, which are pressure, ...

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