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    Seizing digital evidence at the scene

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    In 760 words, Please introduce and conclude by explain guidelines for seizing digital evidence at the scene, and explain how to obtain a digital hash and also list procedures for storing digital evidence.

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    //Digital evidence is also known as electronic evidence, which is used in probative form at the time of a trial. These types of evidence are stored and transmitted in the digital form. The further paragraph will discuss about the relevance and effectiveness of the digital evidences//
    The digital evidence is well checked to know if the evidence is relevant or not before presenting in the court. If the evidence is relevant, it is required to determine that whether the original evidence is to be presented or the copy will be enough to be presented (Marcella & Guillossou, 2012).
    These days, the use of digital evidence has increased because the courts now accept emails, message log, call logs, ATM transactions, and internet browsing history as evidence. Digital evidence is difficult to destroy; therefore, they are voluminous. These types of evidence are also often attacked by people to change its authenticity and tamper with it. This is the reason courts ask for proof that the evidence is not tampered with (Marcella & Guillossou, 2012).
    // After having understanding of digital evidences, the presented text is directed to explore the measures used for Seizing Digital Evidence. Further the discussion is also directed to reflect the role of first responders in this process//
    Guidelines for Seizing Digital Evidence
    Digital evidence is becoming an important part of criminal investigations. Information stored in the phone, desktop or pager is useful as evidence to present in the court. In the case of a crime scene, the first responders should not tamper with the digital evidence to be used in further proceedings as they are first to arrive at any emergency spot. First ...

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