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Criminalistics: Crime Scene Responsibilities

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Select the 3 crime scene responsibilities you feel are most important from the following list:

- Care for the injured
- Scene safety and security
- Evaluation of the scene
- Initial scene survey
- Scene walk-through for evidence and chain of custody
- Crime scene sketch
- Documentation
- Media liaison
- Counselor
- Witness/victim interviews
- Scene search

Address the following:
1. Why do you think the 3 selected crime scene responsibilities are more important than the rest? Explain in detail.

2. What would happen to a crime scene investigation if the 3 selections are conducted poorly or not at all during the investigation? Explain.

3. What do you think can be done to ensure that your selections are conducted properly? Be specific.

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The responsibilities I have chosen are scene safety and security, documentation, and scene search.

1. Why do you think the 3 selected crime scene responsibilities are more important than the rest? Explain in detail.

These are the most important because documentation must be efficient and accurate to ensure that a paper trail exists that is able to verify what was done at the scene, who did what, and when it was done. In addition, documents must be ...

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This response reviews different crime scene responsibilities and discusses the ways an investigation should be conducted.

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Requesting help with the assignments below. Requesting any information and references. Thanks

Helen Valentine was found deceased in the master bedroom of her upstairs, two-bedroom apartment, at 11:58 AM on Tuesday morning. Upon arrival, the investigators noticed an empty bottle of vodka on the floor of her bedroom, and two shot glasses- half-full with vodka, on the kitchen table. There were also three visible dust footprints on the linoleum floor in the bathroom and kitchen. The television was on and the refrigerator was slightly ajar. Some half-eaten cheese and crackers were located on the countertops in the kitchen, and the smell of bleach was very apparent in the kitchen. Valentine was found in a prone position, completely nude, with her head towards the foot post of her bed, facing the wall. Valentine's entire apartment was a mess, but there does not seem to be any real signs of struggle. Investigators noticed a few cuts and bruises on Valentine's wrist. After closer examination, investigators noticed a small gunshot wound on her left temple. The weapon was found in very close proximity to Valentine's right side, next to her right shoulder.The three windows to Valentine's apartment were open and the front door was unlocked. Neighbors provided statements, stating that Valentine was a nudist and liked to flash people who passed by her windows. Investigators also found an apparent suicide note on the computer screen in the second bedroom (the computer was still on, but was in hibernating mode). Valentine's bank check; made out for $1,006.57 to a nudist colony resort and spa, lay on her computer desk.In the investigator's initial inspection, blood could be seen in the second bedroom and on the windowsill of one Valentine's apartment windows.

1. discuss how Locard's Exchange Principle might apply to the crime scene at Helene Valentine's home. Also discuss your initial concerns about the crime scene.
? Outline the responsibility of the first officer at a crime scene
Provide a historical perspective on Locard's Exchange Principle (LEP).
What contribution has this principle made on forensic science?
Provide the definition of LEP.
Apply the principle of LEP to the crime scene at the Valentine crime scene- be specific.
Present the evidence or possible evidence that can help highlight your understanding of LEP .
What implications does this pose to investigators? lab personnel?
Discuss your initial concerns about the scene. Be specific and thorough.
What questions remain unanswered? Why would they be of a concern?
The most important aspect of this particular discussion post is that you discuss YOUR INITIAL CONCERNS about the crime scene. You will definitely need to think deeply and thoroughly to provide a critical response.
As investigators we must be able to see the gray area. Things are not always black and white. I am going to grade you on the extent that you think about this crime scene. What questions remain unanswered? Why would they be a concern? THREE required scholarly references.

2.Following the crime scene processing at Helene Valentine's home, you have been asked to develop a training presentation for first responders. In 10 to 15 PowerPoint slides, explain the proper procedure for securing a crime scene and what to do in the event that evidence may have been altered, planted, destroyed, or contaminated.
? Outline the responsibility of the first officer at a crime scene.

This is a TRAINING presentation-
Make it fun, make it interesting.
include a title?
include introductory slide?
include conclusions slide ?
Is there a note section on any of the slides? (there SHOULD be a note section on ALL of the slides with in-text citations)
include all of your references on a separate references slide in alphabetical order
Have you included enough content? This information should be in the form of main topics and subtopics with clarification. More explanation in the notes section is also required (paragraphs ok here) .
Consider your audience. Make this easy on the eyes- it should be thorough and comprehensive.
FOUR required scholarly references.

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