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    Arson investigation

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    Describe the crime scene parameters of an arson fire, including one where an explosive reaction may have occurred.
    Identify the role of the fire department personnel and their authority at an arson fire.
    What is the authority of the state fire marshal's office or its equivalent? Explain.
    What specific responsibilities does this agency have? Explain.
    Explain to the investigators under your command what role the medical examiner or coroner has when a body is discovered at an arson scene.
    Once the scene is declared safe by the fire department and the crime scene search can commence, under what circumstances can the investigators conduct a search? Explain.
    What is to be done with a warrant if no property owner is available? Explain.
    Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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    Describe the crime scene parameters of an arson fire, including one where an explosive reaction may have occurred.

    The crime scene parameters entail ensuring that evidence contamination is prevented and this necessitates the investigator controlling access to the fire scene. The investigator is responsible for ensuring that evidence is collected, stored and transported by establishing a chain of command capable of preventing contamination. The parameters must entail strict control of access to the scene. The parameters must follow guidelines that has documentation of all steps with orders ensuring that all investigators wear clean, protective outergarments, including footwear, use clean disposable gloves for collecting items of evidence, and use gloves that are changed between collecting unrelated items of evidence or when visibly soiled to avoid cross contamination.

    In reference to explosions at the arson scene, the parameters require for the investigator to ensure that a search for secondary explosive devices is conducted. The scene must be secured with a perimeter and staging areas for the investigation established to prevent contamination of the scene. A ...

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