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    Conducting Emergency Response

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    Scenario: You are dispatched to an explosion at a predominately black church where the pastor has recently been in the news due to his support for a particular candidate for local office. On arrival you find the church is heavily damaged on one side and is on fire. A neighbor rushes over to tell you she saw a young white male come from the back parking lot and enter the church from the front door about 15 minutes before the explosion.

    1. What are your first thoughts?
    2. What are the possibilities?
    3. What actions do you take?

    Reverend Burns arrives after about 20 minutes and tells you the church was having trouble with their gas furnace and he had called AK Heating and Air, you go to the back parking lot and discover their truck.

    1. Does this change your response?
    2. What different actions, if any, do you now take?

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    This is definitely a very unique scenario that could lead someone to jump to conclusions. However, when conducting emergency response I believe one should stay open minded in order to generate courses of action and/or perspective ideas that may have led to the incident. After arriving to the church and hearing what the neighbor had to say I would obviously assume that this could be the result of arson from a racist or political driven crime. My initial assumption would be that the individual caused the ...

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    The solution describes the steps and considerations that will be taken to carefully deal with an emergency scenario.