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Occupational Health and Safety- Emergency Procedures

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Answer questions in the following attachments based on occupational health and safety emergency procedures.

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Occupational health and safety emergency procedures are determined.

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A. Fire due to electrical fault can occur due to following reasons:
• Routine maintenance of electrical circuits
• Lack of complete knowledge of concerned personnel
• Poor electrical installation
• Faulty electrical equipment
• Wet weather conditions
• Working with conductor metals
• Working in confined spaces
• Presence of unknown overhead or underground power lines
Inputs from stakeholders help in identifying information which could have a direct or indirect impact on hazard of fire. Stakeholders have knowledge about workplace and its infrastructure. They can provide useful inputs as to what practices are being followed for handling electrical circuits, who are responsible, and what are the practices for handling electrical equipment.
B. Electrical fault can create a serious health hazard for persons working on electrical equipment as it allows electrical current to pass through human body. This interferes with the operation of heart. Such accidents can be fatal and non-fatal with shocks that can cause permanent injuries. Those working with electrical equipment and circuits may not be the only ones who are affected. Electrical faults can lead to electric shocks to other persons at or near the workplace. Fire and explosions from an electrical fault can cause extensive and cost damage to property adding to the magnitude of the accident.
C. Fire risk due to electrical circuit faults are prevented by
• Ensuring all equipment is bonded and earthed whenever there is danger of static electrical build-up and ...

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