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    Managing Workplace Safety & Health

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    Imagine that a growing regional chain of nursing homes with 1,300 total full- and part-time employees on all shifts has hired you as a consultant. They want you to help them develop workplace health and safety programs. What are the top priorities and steps that this organization should focus on as it develops its workplace health and safety programs to address the key health, safety, and security issues that face this industry? Answer is over 900 words with two references.

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    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported that in 2010, employees in nursing homes and personal care facilities had extremely high rates of injuries and occupational illnesses; as compared to workers in other industries (reference below). As the consultant, my program would focus on implementation of safety policies and procedures; along with a communication plan for both management and employees.

    In the area of occupational illnesses, a safety policy would mandate that all employees will provide proof of vaccination status on an annual basis. In the event of a disease epidemic, such as what Washington state experienced in 2012 with whooping cough (reference below), employees would also be required to be vaccinated for diseases when recommended by the Health Department. When the core customer in these facilities are those who already have compromised health, weakened immune systems are ripe for contracting and spreading of airborne illnesses. It is vital for employees to remain current on vaccinations to protect their own health. In this same policy, there will be a requirement that all employees who are in contact with patients remain current on training in the areas of blood-borne pathogens, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other communicable diseases. Training will also include how to properly contain and dispose of bio-hazardous wastes (blood, human waste, etc.).

    When assisting patients who may ...

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    Safety & Health paper of 900 words with two references; concerning top priorities in the areas of health, safety and security.