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    Risk Assessment in the Workplace in the United Kingdom

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    According to the United Kingdom's Health and Safety Executive (2012, p: 1):

    "A risk assessment is simply the careful examination of what, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm."

    Risk analysis and risk reduction are targeted at establishing threats and aim to minimise the chances of any disasters occurring (Hiles, 2002). The law in the United Kingdom requires the risks in the workplace to be assessed in order to implement a plan to control them (Health and Safety Executive, 2012). Employees have the right to be protected from harm resulting from the inadequate implementation of reasonable preventative measures (Health and Safety Executive, 2012).

    Against the above background, this solution highlights a simple methodology for completing a risk assessment in the United Kingdom. It then considers some examples of highlights from risk assessments from selected industries. Finally, this solution ends with a series of conclusions.

    This solution is a useful introduction to risk assessment in the workplace in the business and industrial context. It would be especially informative to students in environmental management, environmental impact assessment and health and safety.

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    A risk assessment methodology

    According to the United Kingdom's Health and Safety Executive (2012), the major action steps involved in a risk assessment in the workplace are as follows:

    1. Highlight the hazards: A tour of the workplace should be undertaken to identify what could potentially result in harm to people. Consultation with workers, examination of manufacturers' instructions and the review of accident and ill-health records can help inform this process (Health and Safety Executive, 2012).

    2. Determine the groups of people who could be harmed and how: This needs to be completed for each hazard, in order to determine the best approach for managing potential risks (Health and Safety Executive, 2012).

    3. Evaluate the risks and agree on precautionary action: The law requires that ...

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    The aim of this solution is to examine a simple methodology for risk assessment in the workplace in the United Kingdom.