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    Scenario: Solving Workplace Issues Through Consulting

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    Imagine that a growing regional chain of nursing homes with 1,300 total full- and part-time employees on all shifts has hired you as a consultant. They want you to help them develop workplace health and safety programs.
    What are the top priorities and steps that this organization should focus on as it develops its workplace health and safety programs to address the key health, safety, and security issues that face this industry?

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    The first thing you need to do as a consultant is to determine the actual risks that exist for this particular chain of nursing homes. So in your initial consultation with them you will want to find out things like what types of health and safety issues they are currently experiencing, how many incidents they see on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, how many patients and employees are involved, what type of safety training they currently offer, their policy on recertification training, policies and procedures they have in place for different job functions and tasks, performance standards associated with each jobs, safety standards associated with each job, safety issues most likely to happen etc.

    So, as you develop your paper, you would say that you conducted interviews with different site personnel including floor/shift supervisors, employees and site directors (at about 20% - 30% of the locations) and you also did site visits so you could see operations flow for yourself. Based on your observations and data collected from those you interviewed you will make your assessment.

    (NOTE: you could visit all the sites if there are only a few, but if there are many sites it would not be feasible for you to go to every single one. So you would have to select the ones you'll visit based on the regions they're in or by some other type of criteria. For example, if they have locations in several states, you will want to try and visit locations in each state. But if they have 2 or 3 locations in ...

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    This solution examines a healthcare scenario where a consultant is asked to make recommendations for managing workplace health and safety in a nursing home.