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Mandated or Compliance Training

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Without revealing proprietary information, what role does mandated or compliance training have in your company or district? What is the impact of these programs on your training department's resources?

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1. Without revealing proprietary information, what role does mandated or compliance training have in your company or district? What is the impact of these programs on your training department's resources?

For this organization, like most in today's sputtering economy--the training budgets are tight and getting tighter. Therefore it allocates every training resource carefully, prioritizing the training it provides, allocating money to mandated--mandatory programs while keeping enough money available for training that is important for other business reasons, such as improving customer service. Therefore, the company is equipped with the knowledge of what training is required by law; what is advisable though not required; and which areas are optional. For example, the role of mandatory compliance training can fall into several categories, including training that is required by law or regulation; training that is required by court order; or training that provides a legal defense. They all play an important role in the organization. For example, compliance training protects the company from future litigation and, with proper documentation of the "compliance?training; it prepares the company for any potential investigations if an individual is required by law to prove that she or he has indeed had the training required by law and that the training took place (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2009).

Therefore, to make the best of its budget resources, the company places the highest priority on the training mandated by law. In fact, failure to provide employees with certain types of training will, in fact, constitute a violation of law, such as workplace harassment prevention and workplace safety training. This type of mandated or compliance training is training that the organizations must conduct to avoid incurring liability or violating of various laws. Some examples of the mandated training at the organization includes: Workplace Safety and Emergency Training required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and state regulations e.g., fire prevention training, etc.; sexual harassment prevention training required by state law; court-ordered antidiscrimination training; and training necessary to ...

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By example and without revealing proprietary information, this solution explores the role that mandated or compliance training has in a company or district. It also discusses the impact of these programs on the training department's resources.

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