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    Human Resource Management Training

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    1) How can training decisions bring on legal implications in the workplace? Provide two examples.

    2) Discuss why managers should conduct subordinate performance appraisals? Explain how a manager can set effective performance appraisal standards for employees. How should a manager handle a subordinate who is defensive when told his or her performance is poor?

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    1) How training decisions can bring on legal implications in the workplace? Provide two examples.

    The decisions that are made during training can carry significant legal implications for the workplace if the training is inadequate in areas that entail sexual harassment or discrimination within the workplace. When the organization fails to successfully train employees in these two areas, employees could violate federal law and this will result in lawsuits, fines, and other negative consequences for the organization. In addition, health and safety training is required by federal law, and organizations that fail to make the correct decisions for these vital areas also chance running afoul of federal law.

    The Supreme Court of the United States has mandated that employers are liable for sexual harassment even when unaware of this behavior, which necessitates ...

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    The importance of Human Resource training as it relates to legal requirements is explained through two examples. Why conducting performance appraisals is a vital task for managers and the standards for performance expected are identified.