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    Fire scene decontamination

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    You and your partner are investigating an explosive suspicious fire in a two-story, four-car garage that is the headquarters for The Novandon Pool Cleaning Company in Sunshine City, Florida. Upon arrival, you are met by the battalion chief from the fire department, who tells you that the fire is out and the investigation can begin. There are a lot of chemicals in the facility, and a rescue, recovery, and decontamination unit will be on the scene during your investigation.

    The battalion chief believes that there was a primary explosive fire in the back of the building, and one followed in the front. He suspects arson. While talking to the battalion chief, a detective arrives and says that there is a hefty insurance policy that just was taken on the building by the pool service owner and that the business has been going downhill because the pool service was lousy. The owner is sitting on a bench with his head in his hands and tells you he is going to stick around to hear the outcome of the arson scene search.

    Answer the following questions
    •Concerning the chemicals in the scene, what might be considered necessary equipment for use in the scene and following the scene? ◦What issues do you think would be most significant? Why?

    •When interviewing the owner of the warehouse, what specific threats might you ask him about? Why? ◦What action do you think should be taken following the interview? Explain.

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    A decontamination area should be established away from the work area. The decontamination area is designated for the removal of dangerous ...

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    Fire scene decontamination