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Reporting violent crimes over property crimes

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According to the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), violent crimes are more likely to be reported to the police than property crimes. Why do you think this occurs? Are you surprised that NCVS data show that only around 80% of car thefts are reported to police? Why aren't all crimes reported to the police? Do you think the NCVS gives an accurate representation of crime? Why, or why not?

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It would be expected that violent crimes are reported in greater numbers than property crimes. One of the problems with property crimes is that the victim often believes no suspects will be located, and therefore chooses to not report the crime. Many victims see it as a 'go nowhere' process. This does hold true in many jurisdictions. Police are so overwhelmed with the number of criminal cases that need to be investigated that property crimes are often given no more than a glance. This is generally due to a lack of manpower to investigate all cases, including property crimes. This is even more applicable to ...

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This solution discusses the reporting of violent crimes over property crime reporting.

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